Why northern Kentucky?

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is the cancer capital of the United States and has the highest smoking rates of any state in the country, and the City of Covington, and Gallatin County’s smoking rates are double the national average.

Kentucky also ranks number one for lung cancer deaths in the U.S., a painful example of the effects of smoking. None of these statistics are good for our state, our local communities and our residents.

Smoking-related illness in Kentucky costs over $2 billion per year including:

  • Nearly $1.92 billion for direct medical care for adults.
  • More than $2.7 billion in lost productivity for businesses in Kentucky.

For individual businesses, each employee who smokes costs an employer an average of $5,816 annually above the cost of a person who never smoked:

  • Per smoker, excess absenteeism costs an average of $517 per year.
  • Per smoker, reduced productivity related to the effects of nicotine addiction costs an average of $462 per year.
  • Per smoker, smoke breaks, cost an average of $3,077 a year.
  • Per smoker, extra health care costs (for self-insured employers) costs an extra $2,056 per year

So, for the greater health of our northern Kentucky communities we’ve brought together active and engaged community partners to help residents and workers of Covington and Gallatin County Quit for Good.

With a grant from the BUILD Health Challenge out of Washington D.C., additional funding resources from St. Elizabeth Hospital, Interact for Health, and numerous other partners, the BUILD Grant team is able to offer Free nicotine patches to residents and workers in Covington and Gallatin County.

Through this program it is our goal to reduce the use of tobacco in Covington and Gallatin County, and to become a healthier, smoke free community.